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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Team That wasn't !!

Jus an intro about the people who were responsible for Come on tiger !!!

Normally Disclaimers are given at the end of something but here I had to do it at the beginning..

Disclaimer : I apologize if I have not mentioned the names of those who were in someway or other associated COT.

The list is endless :

* Amrith
* TP (Umpire)
* Bounce
* Borat
* Aash
* Murthy
* Sudarsh
* Suhas
* Jaga (How can I forget him !!)
* Modi
* Sharan
* KK (organiser who was very much responsible ) lol...
* Santosh
* Mahesh
* GP (terror batsman)
* A-run
* Balaaji
* Maapi.
* Rengi alias Pathusaarathy !
* And of course the captain. lol .

Wellll !! This is just a part of a huge squad which was prominent during the Sastra 2005-2009 batch. COT was formed by the members of Tiger Gang namely Amrith, harish, Jaga and not to mention myself.

Chuma oru naal we were discussing about the ongoing tournament of a semester and I guess it was amrith who sprung up with the topic " dei Namablum team form pannalam daa ".... Immediately harish the Mokkai master came up with names such as "Vadagupati Ramasamy ", Come on tiger ", "Summa", etc etc.....

SO Our dream was unveiled in the even semester of our third year in college. Interestingly the team which was started for fun won a few matches as well which induced us to go for more tournaments and win many more matches ( ;) lol !!! ).....

COT had in itself a great tendency to win matches from tough situations and lose matches from very easy one's. All credit must go to TP who won lot of matches for the opponents by giving decisions which were worthless. Probably that must have been the reason for TP not being included in the side apart from his batting, bowling and fielding .

More to come about the individuals sooner or later.....